Woodiana.today is developed by DTAFA (Alexandra Fruhstorfer, Lena Violetta Leitner, Ege Kökel, Solmaz Farhang and Andrea Palašti). The project was supported by Center for the Promotion of Science, Belgrade.

Selected Exhibitions/Talks:
The Nature of the Future, European Capital of Culture 2022, NoviSad
Athens Digital Art Festival, Online
Museum Of Science and Technology, Belgrad
Ars Electronica, Linz
Panel Discussion, Ars Electronica, Online

Featured in:
oe1 Award “Reparatur der Zukunft”
Content Vienna 2021 (among the finalists)

In cooperation with:
Sanja Anđelković (artist)
Jovana Pešić (biochemist)
Stefana Janićijević (data scientist)
Luka Lopičić (web development)
Vanja Novaković (web design consultant)

Woodiana.today is an experimental online forecast service developed to inform the public about the Danube’s future through speculative fabulation. It is run by Woodiana, a freshwater mussel. Woodiana uses a forecasting algorithm to predict the concentration of pollutants in the surface water which then influence her motion, leaving us with secret patterns in the sand. Based on these temporal motion patterns, the Woodiana.today website reports on the current and upcoming status of the Anthropocene and anticipated environmental conditions that the river Danube might expect in the future.

>> Visit www.woodiana.today and ask the mussel yourself!

Woodiana.today has been heavily informed by science and scientific water data but interprets it through a dialogue with other agents: economics, politics, art, theory, ai technology, history, speculative fiction, and the role that Danube had played for different cultures as a totemic, spiritual, military and ecological touchstone.