Along the Yorgan

Along the Yorgan was created in the fellowship program of kültüř gemma at SOHO STUDIOS.

Selected Exhibitions:
Dance around the Care and Concern – Vienna
Moving Spaces – Vienna

Featured in:
die Presse

Nahya Güzelyurt
Atra Güzelyurt

Thanks Hansel Sato and his students at Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (Antonia Herrmann, Cornelia Eiter, Fiona Albrechtsberger, Klara Haug und Luca Ruhri)

Workshop Participants
Antonia Herrmann
Begüm Can
Cornelia Eiter
Fadime Aslan
Fiona Albrechtsberger
Gerda Baser
Giulia Fabro
Gökçe Göbüt
Huda Hussein
Ifrah Abdirahman Ali
Julie Murmann
Karin Gruber
Klara Haug
Lena Violetta Leitner
Lenka Strnadova
Luca Ruhri
Enesi M.
Nayeun Park
Senem Kahraman
Sima Doğan
Yolanda Oyuela

When you think about future, how do you feel? Hopeful? Worried? Or a mixture of both? What keeps you awake in the middle of the night?

These questions were the focus of the workshop series held at SOHO STUDIOS in the first half of 2023. The starting point of this workshop series was quilting as a traditional manufacturing method, which has been used in Anatolia for centuries. The traditional quilts or yorgans offer their users comfort through their healthy materiality and by being decorated with ornaments such as clovers, vines or peacocks – symbolic motifs for prosperity, eternity and peace. Referring to this tradition, the workshop participants put their thoughts and worries about the future on paper in the form of new motif designs. The motifs were then adapted and a new quilt, a new yorgan, was created. This was then produced by the artisans Nahya and Atra Güzelyurt in Turkey.

An installation depicting the collaborative and slow process of making the quilt, as well as the quilt itself, has been created and exhibited. The visitors are invited to spend time on the quilt, browse through the pages of the accompanying publication (made in cooperation with Klara Haug, Antonia Herrmann, Cornelia Eiter, Luca Ruhri and Fiona Albrechtsberger – Institute for the Artistic Teaching Profession, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna) and thus gather an insight into the making process of this collective security blanket.