I am a designer and artistic researcher with an interest in futures, nature and technology. I use design as a tool for speculation, discussion, and sense making. Collaborating with others and other disciplines and exploring different points of view are important aspects of my work. 

Currently, I am interested in entangled relations between species, more-than-human perspectives and the act of crafting. I work in several projects related to these topics as an independent designer. I also have 5 years of experience on working as a creative in synthetic biology projects funded by the EU - Horizon 2020 as part of a science communication company.

I received my master’s degree in Industrial Design/Design Investigations from the University of Applied Arts in Vienna in 2019. I am co-founder of the artist collective DTAFA (Danube Transformation Agency for Agency), which provides services and mediations between Danubian species. I exhibited my work internationally, including at the Center for Book Arts NY, Amstelpark in Amsterdam and Global Grad Show Dubai. Most recently, our collective DTAFA, was awarded with two prizes by Ö1 “Fixing the Future”.
Contact me here: sayhito@egekokel.com
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How to become an island? | European Capital of Culture 2022, Novi Sad
Woodiana.today |  European Capital of Culture 2022, Novi Sad
Duck Encounters | School for MultiSpecies Knowledges - Amstelpark, Amsterdam
Woodiana.todayFutuRetro - The Athens Digital Arts Festival, Athens

Traces of Fluorine | One Planet - Museon, Den Haag (with Biofaction)
Dryland Projections | One Planet - Museon, Den Haag (with Biofaction)
DIN 2121 | Vienna Design Week, Vienna
DIN 2121 | WIENWOCHE, Vienna
Woodiana.today | Ars Electronica Garden Belgrade, online and Art & Science 2021 at Museum of Science and Technology, Belgrade
Dodo in your Room? | May I introduce: Alien - SULUV Gallery, Novi Sad 
Dodo in your Room? | May I introduce: Alienexpress - Fabrikraum, Vienna
Dodo in the Room | Interspecies Futures [IF] - the Center for Book Arts, New York

Carbon Futures | the MSU Broad Art Lab, East Lansing (with Biofaction)
Carbon Futures | Future Present: Design in a Time of Urgency - Science Gallery, Detroit (with Biofaction)
Carbon Futures | One Planet - Museon, The Hague (with Biofaction)
Plant Stories | One Planet - Museon, The Hague (with Biofaction)
Dodo in your Room? | May I introduce: Alien - the Angewandte Innovation Lab, Vienna

Dodo in the Room | Global Grad Show, Dubai
Dodo in the Room | the Angewandte Festival, Vienna
Plant Designer | the Fascination of Plants Day - the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna (with Biofaction)

Plant Designer | Biodesign Here Now - London Design Festival, London (with Biofaction)
Research project for the Austrian contribution: “After Abundance” | London Design Biennale, London

Biometricks | Design for Agency - Vienna Biennale, Vienna

Visualizing Emotions | Are We Human? - Istanbul Design Biennial, Istanbul 

Visualizing Emotions | 2051: Smart Life in the City - Vienna Biennale, Vienna
Visualizing Emotions | the Essence, Vienna

High-wire Gardening | Go On - Power Station of Art Theater, Shanghai 
High-wire Gardening | Chelsea Fringe, Vienna
Press & Publications

Ö1, Repair of the Future with DTAFA
Runner-up for the Fiction Category at the Bristol Science Film Festival
Salon Jardin Art - Young Designers Award

Encountering Non-Humans Conference of Masaryk University - Faculty of Arts
Tea Talk at Mz*Baltazar’s Lab
2,850 km Transformative Swimming Session with DTAFA, Online Lecture at the ArtScience Class of University of Applied Arts Vienna 
The Woodiana Oracle Talk at Ars Electronica
AILien Talk at the Angewandte Innovation Lab


Liquid Tools for Riverfiction at the ArtScience Class of University of Applied Arts Vienna 
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